The Effective Influential and Motivational Speaker (An Organization’s Key to Productivity)

To motivate someone is to give that someone a reason to do a specific thing while to influence someone is to affect someone to do something. Yeah, we know that the two meanings sound the same and there is only a very thin line that separates them. Both ideas serve as big factors in making things work out for a person that is why we are constantly in search for the best people who can both motivate and influence people to maximize their potential in every aspect. One good example of a person to do that is the influence expert Garrison Wynn. He has a well developed skill in entertaining, educating, motivating, and influencing people to be more efficient in their everyday lives, and he does that all in his speeches.

It is normal for companies and organizations to hire motivational speakers to drive their people into a more productive system. These companies and organizations need something that will make their employees work with their heart and passion that is why they invest on conventions and motivational speakers to help drive this. But what exactly are we looking for a good motivational speaker to motivate and influence people?

What are the Characteristics of an Effective Motivational Speaker?

First, we have to understand that building connection to your audience is very important and this is what you must establish once you are onstage. It is always the best speakers who can make their audience listen. Building connection starts with a good introduction and delivering the topic in a way that the audience can relate. This characteristic is best exemplified by Garrison Wynn from where he tries to incorporate humor with objectivity in his speeches. The guy is very funny that it catches everyone’s attention thus establishing a good connection between him and the people around.

Motivational Speakers

Another brilliant quality that Garrison Wynn shows on his works is the way he personalizes things. The uniqueness and originality in his delivery creates a good impression to everyone of his sincerity on what say. Personalizing is putting your heart in every work you do and this is a good way to catch even the most uninterested person’s attention. As how the leader’s quote goes in building connection and personalizing things, “touch a heart before you ask for a hand”, it is very critical to get everyone’s buy-in first before you tell them what to do.

Next, being funny on stage won’t not be enough to complete your overall package. Remember, we are conducting a talk to motivate and influence the people around to be more productive and efficient in their everyday lives. Basically, putting essence in what we say is the key to make a wholesome and informative speech. From here, we can define reasons why our audiences should take a certain path in their lives.

After you have shown the fundamentals of your programs, it is now time to cite specific examples to make your speech truly credible. Again, Garrison Wynn does this very flawlessly by providing proven successful results. We also need to show the objectivity of our programs by giving examples on how it can be achieved and maintained throughout the years.

Hire Motivational Speakers

To sum up your outline of presentation to the audience, it is now time to bring the question back to them – “What are the characteristics of an effective motivational speaker?”. This serves as a recap and realization to the audiences’ mind on what really transpired all throughout the speech. Aside from that, it also gives the audiences participation on the talk rather than it is just the speaker who tells everything. It is also one of the best indicators if our audience really absorbed what we’ve just discussed.


Being an effective motivational speaker can really help in driving everyone’s passion to do things more efficiently. The true love for a jobs comes from the heart and it is the speaker’s task to bring it out.