Network Marketing Closing Tips

Realize that closing people in your network marketing business can be a very simple process if you have the right mindset. If you have built a good rapport, found and clarified a strong  need,  gotten them to view the right presentation then closing should  a fairly be an easy task.

Before you get started closing people into your network marketing business here are a few tips.  First you must develop the right mindset.  To bring people into your MLM business, you must first believe that you can do it.  You must get yourself to a point that you believe in yourself, your abilities,your company, your pay plan and the network marketing industry. You must have this belief before you will develop the confident to close people into your network marketing business.  If you are not there then you first need to work on those beliefs. You can do this by working on yourself by doing Personal Development,  building your self-esteem, learning some new skills or whatever it takes to  convey a strong belief  in what you are doing. This is imperative because your level of belief will be sensed by the person you are speaking with, they will know where you stand.

So do you believe that you are the person that can help them get what they want?  As James Allen wrote “As a man thinketh so he is”.  You must think and know that you can help your prospect. It doesn’t matter how long you have been involved in network marketing, you just have the belief in your heart that you can make it happen and help others before you can close them. You must believe that people will be better off if they join you as opposed to working with someone else.

If you are going to close people into your network marketing business you have to feel and act as if you are a leader.

Your prospect will be willing to join you if they feel you are really someone who can show them how to succeed.  They want to get to know, like and trust that you will be able to assist them in the success of their business. Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself.  If your prospect is ready then you will close them into your network marketing business.

You need to truly believe that people will be better off joining your business than joining anyone else.  So if you have developed the trust, closing is not a big deal  it is just getting a person to be willing to pull out a credit card and basically say I trust you and want to do business with you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that people typically buy on emotion .  So if you want to close people into your business  you will have to tap into their emotions.  It’s  not the price that’s the issue it is the value.  You have to  paint the picture of what is in it for them, and how this is going to solve their problems. When you can do this you will be tapping into their emotions and you will be able to close them.

Closing your prospect into your network marketing company is just one part of the MLM Sponsoring process.

If you have properly develop the rapport, asked the right questions to find their need, directed them to view a presentation , then  the  next step would  be to close.  It should be very easy if you have followed the previous steps.  If you have not done any of the preliminary steps then it’s going to be very difficult to close this person because you do not have too much credibility, in turn it will be  difficult to close.

Now there are different styles and different language patterns that you can use to close your prospect.  The first really powerful question after someone has viewed a presentation is “ So what did you like best about the presentation you just saw?

Then really listen to their answer. Proceed by saying “Tell more  about that” to get a more indepth understanding of what they liked.  Next you want to dig deeper, you can follow with the question ” “How do you see this fitting into the picture of solving ‘your problem’ “. Of course you would insert the need that they stressed to you earlier in the conversation. What you want to do here is keep them talking so they can talk themselves into joining your business.  Depending on their answer you can ask them to expand on what they are saying in a little more detail.  Using the statement “tell me a little more about that” can work very well but don’t over use it.

As you move towards the close point you may run into an objection and you will have to be able to  qualify their  objection to see if it is real.  This works very well when you have a good rapport established.  You would say something like “So basically you see the opportunity as solving your problem but you are not quite sure if you can do it or not, or whatever their object is, is that correct?” Even though they may not say it most of the time people do not join because they don’t think they can do it.

You can come back with something like “You know prospect  I always like open and honest communication, so can I ask you a question,  is it that you really love the company and want to work with me but you really don’t have the money or are you just saying that so you don’t hurt my feeling or you are looking for an easy escape route.” Continue by saying, “because it’s okay with me if you don’t want to do this.” When you do this you are really giving them a way out.  But they will typically respond by telling you that there are being honest with you and they do want to join.

Remember many people are in a state of uncertainty because many have made bad purchases before so they really want to be sure about what they are doing. You need to  walk them through the process so that they feel comfortable making the decision to join you in your business.

Now that you have clarified their objection. You want to rephrase the question to them with their objection to see if this is their only objection.  It  would go something like this. “I know you said that you were concerned about , (add their objection here), is that the only thing that is keeping you from joining me right now or is there something else.”

In this statement you are reconfirming that this is the only objection and the only one you really have to solve before you can lead them to the close.  If they tell you they have another objection then you would also have to qualify that objection. If this is their only objection them move forward as if they are ready to join your business and start to uncover what type of resources they have to dedicate to doing the business.  You would continue with questions such as

So how many hours would you have to dedicate to your business on a weekly basis?

Do you have any kind of budget that you can dedicate to your business?

How much time are you willing to put into the learning process to accomplish your goals?

What you are doing here is qualifying there resources such as their time, money,  willingness to learn and how dedicated they would be. You want to make sure that they are qualified to work with you otherwise you are wasting both your time and theirs.

Then you want to ask them “Well if I can solve this objection would you see this as the way to solve your problem or need”. If they say yes then share a story with them . It could be your story or it could be a story of someone else like your sponsor or some else you work with.  Share this  story to illustrate how someone had overcome the same problem and objections that they have, and how they have found great success  in the network marketing industry . This will allow them to see that if someone else can do it so can they.

So now we are at the Closing questions:

So, Prospect  do you want to make a little money or a lot?

Do you want to start making money right away or do you just want to piddle around and take forever to make money?

Then  you say ” Well great are you by a computer right now“.  What I’m going to do is to get you started so you can ‘insert their need’. Does  that sound good to you? Then take them, while they are on the phone, to your website or if you are in person have them fill out the application and get them Closed.

Remember that closing is a process and if you do all the steps in an effective and efficient manner then closing should not be such a hard process.  You will have to get out there and work it.  Try it and see what works for you. Look back at these Network Marketing Closing tips and adjust what you are doing.  Practice, practice, practice and use these tips to become a Closing Jedi to grow your network marketing business.


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Network Marketing Closing Tips

Network Marketing Closing Tips

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