Money-Saving Tips when Shopping for Golf Equipment

For years, golf has always been attributed by outsiders to the rich, famous and powerful. After all, the impeccably landscaped golf courses are off-limits to non-players and non-members. However, not all aficionados of the game are celebrities, business executives, or high-ranking officials. Some are regular employees or retired individuals who simply want a recreational activity. There are also aspirants who want to follow the footsteps of Tiger Woods and excel in golf.

Whether you are looking for a pastime or a sport to engage in, golf is a fun and challenging option. It doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. Keep in mind the following money-saving tips as you shop for your first set of golf equipment.

  1. Go to a one-stop, golf-centric shop.

    Here at, you can find all the goods relevant to golf. The three basic golf equipment (clubs, balls, and tees) are available herein. Fashionable finds such as clothes, caps, gloves, footwear, and eyewear are also offered for your comfort. You can get bags, covers and cleaners for golf club protection and maintenance. Even items that are not related to the game itself can be found on this site. Examples include earbuds, messengers, tumblers, watches, and fitness equipment.

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    hopping in a single store like saves you time, money and effort. Browsing for products and placing your orders only take a few clicks or taps. You can do your shopping without incurring travel expenses.

    Another advantage of shopping on this site is that you have more options to choose from, which is advantageous if you want to find inexpensive equipment. Online stores don’t have high operational costs unlike their brick-and-mortar counterpart. As a result, the golf clubs and other goods offered herein have lower prices.

  2. Focus on the basics.

    Golf has more to do with hitting the ball using your club; it’s not much about sporting an athletic look by donning branded apparel. Ditch the notion that you need new clothes before you can start playing the game. Impress others with your golf skills so invest in a good club and practice.

  3. Buy golf clubs according to your needs and skills.

    Do you intend to join golf tournaments later on? If yes, you should purchase a set of quality golf clubs that complies with the rules set by regulating bodies. In formal competitions, the maximum number of golf clubs that a single player can carry and use is 14. As a beginner, you don’t have to purchase 14 clubs right away. That’s too expensive and impractical. Buy around 2 or 3 golf clubs at first. Master the different ranges with your initial set. As you progress, reward yourself with another golf club.

    If you are capable enough to join a tournament, you still don’t need to buy 14 golf clubs. It’s just the maximum number of clubs you can use; that means you can still play even with less than 14 golf clubs.

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    Aside from the maximum number of golf clubs, certain types of golf clubs are also not allowed in formal competitions. Save yourself from future disqualification by purchasing only the golf equipment that are allowed for tournament use.
    On the other hand, if you just want golf as a pastime, there’s no need for you to be extra careful with tournament rules. A single golf club would do just fine. An iron golf club is recommended if you wish to play on different distances.

  4. Buy refinished or recycled golf balls.

    Golf balls are often sold in sets: by 3, 6, or a dozen per set. Some sets even have 36 and 48 golf balls. Here at, you can get a dozen for less than $10. Buying a set isn’t the only money-saving shopping tip for golf balls. You can also take advantage of refinished or recycled golf balls.

    Prepare to lose your golf balls in a course. It’s likely to happen especially for beginners. That is why it’s not worth to buy new golf balls right away. Refinished and recycled golf balls are cheap options. Recycled golf balls are graded 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A with 5A being the best of the bunch. 5A-graded recycled golf balls resemble new ones but their price is higher than lower-graded and refinished golf balls. Refinished golf balls are also recycled ones but with low quality and no warranty.

  5. Take advantage of discounts and clearance sale.

    One of the easiest ways to get low-priced golf equipment is to avail of discounts. Discount coupons can be found on coupon-distributing sites or on online stores. You can also buy a pair or a triad of golf clubs at a discounted price, instead of purchasing them individually. Here at, every day there’s a clearance sale at your disposal. Feel free to shop for quality golf clubs, balls and other sporting goods anytime, anywhere.