The Empower Network with David Wood and David Sharp Reviewed

Is The Empower Network The Real Deal


Empower Network Scam Review

Empower Network Review


In review of the Empower Network I’ve taken my time observing what Dave Wood and Dave Sharp have been up to.


As for myself I know David Wood and have been following for last couple years and I worked on a couple of projects with him. I know he is a very sharp guy and we makes a hell of a lot of money on the Internet. One thing I have observed over the years in regard to Dave Wood that he’s all over the place is always doing so many things that he and sometimes hard to follow and sometimes it gets a little bit confusing to follow him. So when he started the Empower Network I really wanted to take my time to observe what he was doing. Now he started back at the end of October and I just wanted to observe what is doing. I wanted to see if he could actually pull this off with the Empower Network or was this really all about him just trying to make more money or was his intentions really pure and genuine.


I’ve met Dave at a couple events and I have worked with him with in Numis Network . I have taken a few training from him and he’s a really good guy. He really cares about people is a very down to Earth. Taking all of this into consideration I wanted to see what he was doing with this Empower Network and would he be able to pull it off his dream of really helping people make money. I know he’s good at marketing, I know he is very good at sales and especially at closing but I want to see if what he was doing with Empower Network was really going to be something that was going to really work.

Empower Network Review

Empower Network See For Yourself


I really didn’t want to recommend anybody to anything if it’s really not working or can hurt somebody, I stayed posted on listening to their calls and at first there was a lot of talk but I continued to stay in the loop and observe if they could move forward successfully.


Problems With Empower Network

The Empower Network had some issues with their payment systems which slow them down a little. I believe they ran into this issues because they wanted to get their affiliates paid right away, directly and not let anything get in the middle or holding up commissions. They had attempted to set up a system that would pay people directly and instantaneously. Not only that they  also wanted to do something which is so amazing a revolutionary and that is that they were offer a 100% commissions on all sales and residual incomes. Now that in itself is amazing, if they could pull it off.

So considering if you could earn 100% commissions with the Empower Network , on both the up front end money and on the residual income on a  monthly basis then  think about the money you can make. If you signed someone up for the blogging services at $25 a month and the system unsold them  an Inner Circle membership,  which is $100 a month you would be earning $125 just from signing up  one person.  So realistically you would are out of pocket $125 a month if you come in at the two basic levels but as soon as you get one customer that signs up for both services you are breakeven and anything after that every person you sign up, on a residual basis, you’re going to be earning $125 per person. Now that’s amazing! and typically unheard of in the MLM or affiliate marketing industry.

That’s really some substantial income plus the Empower Network offers some really highly valuable internet marketing training which did I mention are also 100 % Commissionable. The first exclusive Empower Network training program which is essential for your internet marketing success is the $15K Month Formula.  This training package  is 21 hours of training from the top experts in all different fields in the network marketing and online affiliate marketing industry. In this training a number of experts will teach you how to actually get out there and market in ways that are working today. They will also be continually  adding to this course with additional training.  As a matter of fact they will be having a training shortly on Guaranteed Results Solo Ad training.  An important note is that all the instructors on the $15k Formula training are all earning at least $15k per month and are sharing with you the strategies which are working today.


The next really powerful training is the Costa Rica Intensive which is a High Definition Video recording of a live training done by Dave Wood last summer 2011. This was originally a $3000 training in which Dave shares all the tactics that has made him a millionaire. This was a very detailed and intimate training where Dave got together with a small group and show them exactly what they needed to do to become successful online. This training sell for $500 and is again 100% commissionable. The $15 K Formula sells for $250 and will actually give you the tools and skills to grow Empower business or any other business you might be working.


So it looks like the Empower Network Could Be a Winner

like I said I don’t like to refer anything to anybody unless I thoroughly check it out. Lately I’ve given it a chance because it looks like Dave Wood and Dave Sharp have pulled together the payment system.  It looks to be a  working stable system that can not only take payments correctly but also  enable you to get paid directly every week.

Keep in mind that their record shows that in the first 90 days the Empower Network has paid out $3.8 million in commissions. A similar company which helps people market online took five years pay out $3.8 million that’s because it paying 20, 30 and 40% commissions. The Empower Network pays hundred percent commissions – just think for a moment just how many people do you really need in your organization, along with the teamwork of all learning to market online from the best of the best , to actually make yourself $10,000 a month. And all your people would all be getting trained by the top industry people so they’re all being trained on how to market online learning skills to close people .


The Empower Network will also be launching new trainings and special products in addition to their current products providing

Empower Network Review Dsve Wood  & Dave Sharp

Be At The Next Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive Training

additional income for all their affiliates. They are in the process of planning live trainings for members in Costa Rica as well as additional training somewhere is the local United States. The live training will be scheduled shortly and will be really high-end training but offered to the Empower Network affiliates only at a very good price. You can also be eligible to win free trips and free trainings in the Empower Network Contest.


So for me I believe the Empower Network is definitely winning combination of great marketing, great teamwork, a great product and probably the best pay plan out there. Everybody talks about their pay plan being the best but when you have 100% commissions and it goes many levels deep on affiliate level the potential is unlimited. Empower Network is brand new and will only grow> Now that they have addressed and moved past the payment issues it is onto marketing and training their affiliates to grow this network out.

I have never seen anything better than this, the question is are you all in. Check out some of the videos that they put together I’ll be sending you some links if you subscribe to my blog here and I will get you information out to keep you posted on the growth and success of Empower Network.


Let me know if you have any questions or what you think about this blog post.  I am always looking for feedback or if you have any question please let me know.


To Your Success

Douglas Paul Alp

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