Imagineering Best Practices: Client-Orientation, Automation And Online Turnkey Quoting At

pcb-assembly The business of producing printed circuit boards (PCBs) is a highly-critical sub-industry in technological development and production. For one, its byproduct is a crucial component of almost all electronic devices and machineries today, spanning almost all businesses and industries. Secondly, and more significantly, it is regulated by the IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC for short), with strict guidelines concerning product quality and conditions of production that need to be met at all times.

For these two reasons, it is a must that the company who endeavors in the production of PCBs should have high technical skills and extensive experience to provide excellent service. And that’s who we are at Imagineering (you can find us at

We started over 30 years ago as a prototype company, producing prototype boards for various businesses, small and large alike. We value each of our customers equally and provide them the best service that they can possibly expect. In no time at all, and without our conscious knowing, we have produced over 100 million PCBs, all thanks to our loyal client base. Somehow, we’ve perched on that niche of being a quick-turn prototype shop and a production shop at the same time.

One hundred million boards sounds a lot. You may ask: what’s the secret behind the milestone? We have three, but we’d rather call them best practices: client orientation, automation and, recently, online turnkey quoting.

1. Client orientation: dedication to the client’s needs

For the past three decades, we have remained the same company when it comes to valuing clients. All our actions are determined and guided by this policy.

In all instances, we determine what the client wants and needs, and we tailor-fit our actions depending on those requirements. For example, with respect to timeliness, we make sure to respond to all emails we receive in less than a day. We also ensure that the designs are accurately reproduced, and that all our manufactured PCBs are delivered on time. With respect to affordability, our rates are reasonable, affordable, and competitive, all at the same time, putting as much consideration into the financial restrictions and limitations of our clients, as our goal of making profits.

In line with that, we have a Place-Your-Bid option for our clients going through business downtimes, where they can tell us their preferred prices and we’ll consider the same. Regarding overall customer service, our representatives are all polite, helpful and attentive. We understand that no matter how minor a concern may be, it is a concern nevertheless and needs to be addressed as soon as, and as correctly as, possible. That’s why we do not hesitate to get into phone calls with our clients, and we take the time to really understand their concerns.

2.Automation, automation, automation

pab AssemblyPCB production is one of the industries that definitely need to be automated. The sensitivity, fragility and delicateness of the boards require that the parts be assembled by machines, instead of the human hand. Automation minimizes risks of coming up with a nonfunctioning board, or an altogether different board. Likewise, automation ensures compliance with IPC production requirements, such as those concerning cleanliness, plating thickness, and surface mount components, to cite a few.

We, at, make sure that our automated processes function seamlessly and cohesively so as to produce Class 2 (Dedicated Service Electronic Products) PCBs of the highest standards. We would like to believe that our clients who need these Class 2 boards expect from us the requirements pertaining to Class 3 products, and so we, as much as possible, create boards that will provide continued performance, extended life and uninterrupted service.

3.Online turnkey quoting: the innovation

More than actually providing our clients the ability to place PCB quotes in our website,, our third best practice involves our commitment to innovate and improve our processes continuously. We realized the great benefits that will redound to our clients if quoting is done online, instead of the traditional way of placing quotes, so we came up with our online platform. It is the first of its kind, and an attempt at revolutionizing the industry, one segment at a time.

We, at, work and deliver with these traits at all times. We know that your business requires no less from us.