Using Facebook to Grow Your MLM Business

Realize that if you are using Facebook to grow your MLM  business you will have to learn the right way to do this.  There are many who attempt to use Facebook to grow their MLM business with little to no results.  The main reason why is because they are taking the wrong approach.  With so many businesses, television,  radio, internet advertisements and people just wanting your attention to sell you something, what happens is that most people on the internet get turned off if you are just pushing your business and slamming them with more “it’s all about me” ad promotions.  People want to connect with people.  People want to get to know you and have a sense of community again.  The way I see the world going is that there was the before the internet way to conducting life and business.  Then there was the introduction of the internet and people were trying to figure out how to really use the internet for business.  Next there was the total expansion of social media including sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and so on.  As this grew I think people went over the top on sharing their business almost to a point of spamming others using social media.  Now I think people are much wiser and are really learning how to connect and develop relationship over the social media environment with the primary focus on creating a relationship and then doing business as a result of a trusted relationship.

If you are in business, a home based business like an MLM business and are looking to grow your MLM Business online you probably know that social media is a prime way to bring exposure to your business and yourself as a person to the online community

Face it social media and especially Facebook are not going away in fact Facebook is growing at such a rate that they will soon have 1 billion subscribers.  Now if you could tap into just a portion of these potential clients, business partners or just create a large circle of influence in the world what can that do for growing your MLM business?

If you are going to be using Facebook to grow your business
you would be making the best use of you time by learning what works and what doesn’t so that you will be able to capitalize on this free marketing strategy .  Since Facebook is such a great place to network with all kinds of people, including entrepreneurs, small business owners and just people with diverse interests you will want to know how to do it the right way.  Some of the things you will want to know to get better results on Facebook are things such as how to set up your profile  so that you are likable and approachable.  You really don’t want to be pushy in the social media environment.  Your primary focus is to develop quality relationships.  It’s really not about how many friends you have on Facebook but  the quality of the relationships you have and how you connect and relate with people.

Some things to consider in setting up your Facebook profile is to use a good friendly picture.  A picture where you are smiling, looking professional but not over the top.  People want to connect with people who are real and who are like them.  You also want your profile to tell a story about you.  Illustrating who you are through pictures of you and your family, your pets, your hobbies, places you have taken vacations and so on.  This way people can see you and can connect with you as a person

In the Information and About Me section on Facebook you don’t want it to be all about your business, even if your primary reason to be on Facebook is to grow your MLM business you don’t want to look like you are strictly business. You want to be approachable so that people can get to know you.  You see on the internet it’s really not so much about selling but reducing their fear of buying.  You want to build trust so the people you develop relationships with  can let their guard down and know that you are a real person who is also doing business on the internet and who can provide value to their lives.

What I have done is set up a Complete Facebook Video Training for you to view.  Just provide your information below and I will send you a link for a seventy-six  minute training on how to use Facebook to Grow You MLM Business


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Using Facebook to Grow Your MLM Business

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