How to Create a Reality Of Success

Yesterday as a part of my 30 Day Mental cleanse and my goals to increase the amount of empowering information and have more positive people in my life I attended a local Meetup group call Mental Freedom.  The group is an off spring of a educational group call Achieve Mastery who conduct Personal  Growth Seminars.  We spoke about how we create our reality and how the minds work.

As many of you understand we have two main components of the mind we have the conscious mind and then we have the sub-conscious mind.. The conscious mind, which includes the ego mind, is the one that thinks it’s in control of what is going on.  And then we have the subconscious mind which I believe is really running the show and is responsible for running things on autopilot.  The subconscious mind working in the background and is responsible for the continual beating of your heart and the blood that circulates throughout our bodies. It is also in control of your breathing, digestion and  all those functions that we give no thought to but are keeping us alive every day for our entire life.

What many are also aware of these days is that

The Sub-conscious Mind is also the Owner of Your Deep Rooted Beliefs

How to Create a Reality Of Success

The Sub-conscious Mind Control What You Experience

and these beliefs are responsible for what and how you experience your life and create your reality.  So who is really in control of your life?  Is it really what your conscious mind who chooses  to find success in your life and business  or is it

the subconscious mind which was programmed when you were a child that is really steering your ship?.

These deep rooted subconscious beliefs were placed there mostly unintentional by the people who were most influential to your life.  Most if not all of these beliefs were planted  between the time you were conceived and the age of approximately seven years old.

So  if these beliefs are responsible for what we experience in life how do we access them if you want to improve our live.  How do we find out exactly what they are and then how do we change them.  Well to really uncover these hidden beliefs you need to look at the results of your life and please don’t do this in judgment of yourself but merely in an awareness state to find what belief is governing what you are creating.

For example if you’re always struggle in relationships with people, be it an intimate relationship,  friendships and business relationships.  Look at the results and then look deeper to see the commonalities of where you think the relationship get dysfunctional.  It could be that people in relationships always lie to you.  If this is the case look to see how that shows up in other relationships or other circumstances in your life.  It could have a similar experience in buying a product and feeling that what they represented in their sales information and what the product actually does is not that same. In essence they lied to you about what you were purchasing.  Possibly proving that people lie and cannot be trusted.  This can also be showing up in the relationships of your life whether you get into friendships, business relationships, etc.  where people end up lying to you. Of course this is just an example and you may not always see the correlation but

the subconscious mind is controlling how you experience reality

and who can be trusted.  You will have to look deep into your experiences around life, relationships, business health and any other area where you are not achieving what you desire.

So what do you do with this information? Well let’s keep in the same

How to Create a Reality Of Success

The Ice Under the Water Represents the Power of the Subconscious Ming

example as you want to create more trustworthy relationships and attract people into your life who you can trust.  You will have to decide in your conscious mind that  people are honest and trustworthy.  You must state this to yourself continually in affirmations or even write it down a number of times before bed.  This starts the process.  Next you must envision meeting people who are trust worthy and honest. The next and most important steps is you have to go out in the world and look for example to prove that this is correct.  You need to look for stories, people or events in the world where people are doing things in a manner which is totally honest and trustworthy.

These are the examples that will prove to your conscious mind that the statement is true.   Look for this in your own life as you begin to attract new people into your life.  Soon you will find more and more people that come into your life who possess these quality and it will begin to be implanted into your subconscious mind.  Once the conscious mind accepts this as true it can be passed to the subconscious mind and allow for this new reality to exist in your life.  We all know what happens when our subconscious mind take a hold of a belief. – It creates experiences and circumstances which brings this reality into our lives. And voila you begin to experience a world of trustworthy honest people.

Now you need do be patient with this process.  Remember you are attempting to over write a belief that has been with you since you were very young so be patient with this and make sure that you never give up creating the life you truly desire to experience.  Use this in every area of your life, in your business, in your relationships, for your health and soon you will have

How to Create a Reality Of Success

The Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind

the power of your subconscious mind creating your dream life

Well as always I appreciate you stopping by. Please share you thoughts and ideas on this subject and share it if you think it will help man-kind create a better happier more prosperous world

To Your Succcess!


Douglas Paul Alp

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